LA LA LAND: A Colourful Love Story
Did you know you could watch La La Land with no sound on yet still be able to understand the emotions and relations between the characters? And that it’s not because of Emma and Ryan’s fabulous acting skills but because of the costume and background colours? 
Director Damien Chazelle pointedly selected colours to represent a variety of emotions and placed them very carefully on the characters and in the background to convey these emotions to the viewer. This infographic splits the movie up by scene to show the emotions of, and between, the characters through the placement of colours in each scene.
To pay homage to the vibrant musical Damien Chazelle created, enjoy the re-telling, or should I say re-playing, of Mia and Sebastian’s relationship through colour.
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Seasonal Affective Disorder Interactive Data Visualization
Sun Specs is an interactive data visualization centred around the challenge of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This map shows the percentage of days of sun, with the ability to filter by season, in the major cities of Alberta. It was designed as a resource for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder to help them decide where the brightest places to live are. 
Rounded Magazine - Issue 1
Rounded Magazine highlights how we can make the world a well rounded place, one goal at a time. These goals being the United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals. This particular issue looks at goal four, quality education. In each issues is a brief overview of the goal, followed by feature articles related to the topic, and a directory of the remaining goals. 

This project showcases the 'storytelling through information' portion of the title.
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