The Alberta Education System
System Map of the Alberta Education System
In this capstone course project, I was tasked with selecting one of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. I selected goal four, quality education. My partner and I spent the better half of two months conducting primary and secondary research on the topic before we even began visualizing the map of such a large system.
What you see below is a brief overview of our process along with the completed system map we produced. If you'd like to see the extent of our research and deliverables we created as a result of mapping this system, a meer 60 pages of light reading, please send me a message! 
System Map of the Modern Expectations of Teachers
This particular piece was designed for the global Map the System Challenge, ran annual by Oxford University in England. Participating universities have a competition amongst their students, the winners then compete nationally, and the top competitors from nationals compete globally in Oxford. 
The challenge is centred around mapping a system, any system that the students would like to dive into. The challenge is about research and getting a lay of the land of their topic. It isn't about coming up with solutions, rather understanding who is in the system, how these relationships are interacting, and the outcomes due to them. From here, it's about addressing where the gaps and levers of change are within the system. 
My group and I focused on Alberta's education system and found that the strain put on teachers, combined with unrealistic expectations, is a leading cause to the downfall in students education. To support the students, we need a system that supports our teachers. 
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